Monthly Archives: August 2015

Saving Sekhemka

Sekhemka has traveled far. For centuries, he stood over the tomb of his namesake, the great scribe of Ancient Egypt, at the necropolis at Saqqara near Cairo. At some point, looters took him from his master’s grave and set him into the growing network of collectors of all things Egyptian. Here his path vanishes for a while. Some believe he went north to the Ottoman Empire. Others think he stayed closer to home. Around 1851, he ended up in the […]

Is the Theory of Shakespeare As Pot Aficionado Mostly Stems and Seeds?

The Internet has a long memory, but a short attention span. Over the last few days, news sites across the globe have published stories about the seemingly new revelations that William Shakespeare may have smoked pot. These stories have flowed out of a piece published in The Independent over the weekend by Dr. Francis Thackeray, chair of the Evolutionary Studies Institute at South Africa’s University of Witwatersrand. In his essay, Thackeray talks about a study he conducted of clay pipe […]

Hit the Road, Jack: Jack the Ripper Museum Hits Some Bumps On the Way To Opening Day

The planned opening of the Jack the Ripper Museum in London’s East End was delayed this week as more than 200 protestors showed up on what was to be its inaugural day. Meanwhile, the story around the development of the project, originally proposed as a women’s history museum, grows curiouser and curiouser. Architects at Waugh Thisleton now say they were “duped” by museum owner Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe. “They came to us and said they had no money but that this is […]