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This Is Not What A Feminist Looks Like

“Some idiot has drawn ladybits on the Queen Victoria statue on College Green.” Some idiot has drawn ladybits on the Queen Victoria statue on College Green @BristolPost Done in broad daylight! — Bertram Fiddle (@BertramFiddle) January 7, 2016 Bristol street artist “Vaj Graff” is behind the graffiti, which appeared on the 127-year old statue on 7 January. This isn’t the first time she’s “corrected” art and signage in the city, 120 miles west of London. “Queen Vic was a […]

Week In Review: All Sorts of Jewels

In case you missed it….This week we looked at America’s secret history of female circumcision, my own family’s small part in introducing vaccination to the United States in 1801, and the remarkable journey of the world’s largest diamond.  

Peg Away And Keep Smiling: The “Santa Claus” Ship Brings Christmas To War-Torn Europe

epending on how you look at it, “The Santa Claus Ship” was either a Christmas miracle or an exercise in audacity. When Lilian Bell and James Keeley called on the children of America to give up their money and their toys and their time to send Christmas to Europe, they made a promise that they would get the donations on a ship, send it into the heart of the war zone, and get each precious gift into the hand of […]

The Vision Splendid: How One Woman Sent 7 Million Christmas Presents To WWI Europe

itting in front of a fan in the heat of late August, novelist Lilian Bell was thinking about Christmas. War had broken out in Europe a month earlier. Casualties were mounting. She found herself obsessing on how desolate it would be when the poor and orphaned children faced their first wartime holiday. Suddenly, she was struck by “The Vision Splendid.” Why couldn’t the children of America be moved to give the children of Europe a proper Christmas? The words of […]